Philippines, island country of Southeast Asia in the western Pacific Ocean which covers more than 7,500 islands.

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I visited three of them. The island of Cebu, Palawan and Siargao. I wish I could see the other 7500, I would not return. But let First things first.

We flew from London to China (Guangzhou) and then to Cebu.

Where the view of the endless sea and sunrise awaited us


Siargao Island

When we arrived on the island of Siargao, the busy atmosphere of Cebu suddenly evaporated. So we found ourself on Bali. It felt like Bali 10 years ago. Not really good internet connection and not many tourist. Home Filipinos listened aloud romantic songs from the 90s, and their children wander the streets without a cell phones in their hands.


Here, at this point, time has stopped. Or we we went back in time?Palm trees surrounded us from all sides. The island of Siargao could also be called  Island of Palm Trees. This place was exotic.


From this island we headed to the day-long trip, which we started on a pink spider, local (Philippine boat). We set out, accompanied by rain and clouds. However the weather has cleared. Therefore, do not be discouraged by the weather, it changes very quickly.

We visited the Naked Island in the low tide, where later the whole Philippine team was taking pictures with us, so we felt like celebrities.


Island Daku



And also the island Guyam


The next day we walked all busy streets on island and enjoyed the Filipino atmosphere by looking at the surfers.

Later, around 4 o’clock in the morning I did not get to know myself when looked into the mirror. See next photo. Taken probably in the worst visual stage of swelling (day two).



My face changed every two hours. In the beginning I had a literally bulging forehead, later the swelling went to the eye area and proceeded lower. After 3-4 days it completely disappeared. Every day with a different face.

I looked in the mirror and I couldn’t even recognize myself, that was an very interesting experience. Then one can easily realised that you are not just the body. Body is more like your space suit. And the real YOU is protected within. Loss of face in today’s world also means a loss of identity.

I think I was very lucky that we were only planning to move to another island by boat for the next 4 days(this plan, we of course had to unfortunately cancel). Matter of fact, if we had planned departure from the island by plane, I’m not sure if I would passed through passport control . The only photo of the face, which I had was on my passport photo. Which absolutely did not match with my momentary appearance.

When your friend tell you – Elda, I don’t even know how you look like anymore



What actually happened ?

The sun. Apparently, the sun burned me. I also sprayed my face after-sun lotion (which supposed to be aplied on body only), this combination caused swelling of my face.

I anointed face but obviously insufficient. I’ve never experienced a similar problem. Not even in Thailand or Indonesia. I think a number of factors have come together and I am wiser today.  Pay attention to the Philippine sun, it’s really a different level. And drink plenty of water, more than is healthy.

Creams that I used.


I have to say that we took all this situation with the loss of my face positively and we laughed quite a lot. I didnt felt any pain. I was just bored. I took so many selfies with a serious expression as never before.

I will not comment the Philippine “ambulance” on a small island. In need, one is glad for any help. During first visit I received pills against allergic reaction. Later, three injections. The injections helped me the most.  Finally everything went well and after a few days we again continued exploring the island of Siargao.

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We ordered a driver for a tricycle, with which we spent the whole day exploring the island.

Our Bingo


The Most Famous Palm Tree in the Philippines


And we ended the day in the north of Siargao, the last accommodation before we went to Cebu.


In Cebu, I found something that I never searched for. The best bed in the world! I really recommend this resort.

Pacific Cebu Resort


Palawan Island

Here we set out from Puerto Princessa for a 5-hour journey to El Nido. I enjoyed the ride incredibly. Surroundings has changed with every mile. I saw people who lived in a total jungle. The real life of the Filipino People. Beauty is a word that comes to mind when I think of this ride.

El Nido is one of the most touristic places. The narrow streets were really crowded. We stayed there only for one day. Just enough to meet my elementary schoolmate who lived in Australia at the time.


Sunset. Time to taste Philippine rum together during a golden sunset.

The next day we were sitting on a boat in a quartet of hangovers, Ready to discover the most beautiful bays, ever. This cruise is a must!



After a day trip we moved on North to Duli beach. Where we were staying in a house without electricity and without hot water.

Duli Beach Resort . I highly recommend this accommodation. I don’t think I can describe the overall atmosphere of this place. You just have to believe me. If you ever get lost in El Nido, be sure to come to this resort for at least one night, you won’t regret it.


I Left My Heart In The Philippines. I certainly want to come back and discover more. The Philippines has an incredible amount of beauty, cleanliness and peace. I almost never wanted to take pictures or capture anything at all. I only have a few shots that I used in the following video below. You will be in here and now momento. The Internet, which is very bad there, I didn’t miss at all. If you are looking for peace, beauty, (Filipino smiles the warmth of the Philippines and children full of life) with no tourists and detox from the Internet, Philippines are for you.


At the end I would like to recommend the China Southern Airlines. We had a 7-hour stop over in China, during which the airline gave us a choice of twenty hotels for overnight stay with breakfast and free pick-up. For free. We chose the 5 star Grant Hotel and I have nothing to complain about. Professional services, on and off board.


See you , have a nice day!

Now  video ⇓⇓⇓ ♥

I Left My Heart In The Philippines. Even though … You need to be careful

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